L&D Construction
Lodoen & Davidson


Kottinger Gardens Phase 2, Pleasanton | Completed Spring 2019

Design development

Active participation throughout the design development phase by the general contractor is a key element to building a successful project. L&D consistently delivers on providing design and systems recommendations, in addition to cost-benefit analyses of different material selections and finishes.

Quality Control

Maintaining a high standard of quality in construction is one of L&D’s hallmarks. We have a dedicated Quality Control Specialist to assist the project team in the critical areas of structural framing, waterproofing, flashing and accessibility requirements, allowing us to better serve your specific needs.


L&D’s focus is on safety, quality and then production. We employ the services of a dedicated safety consultant to visit our projects on a routine basis and also provide our staff with updated safety training on a regular basis.

Value Engineering and Cost Estimates

With over 40 years of general contracting experience, L&D offers critical value engineering insight during the design phase which can offer significant savings to the Owner. Our project team will work with Owner-Architect teams to provide updated cost estimates of the project over the course of design and pre-construction.

Customer service

Once a project is completed, L&D’s work is not finished. We maintain an in-house customer service team that ensures a smooth transition at the turn-over of the project to the Owner. The customer service team then continues to work with the Owner to address any warranty related concerns.


Many of the projects L&D builds have federal and/or state prevailing wage requirements; we are well versed in this area. In addition, we have retained the services of a dedicated prevailing wage consultant to help us ensure that we and our subcontractors are in compliance with the myriad requirements on our projects.

Bidding and construction

L&D taps into a large network of qualified and competitive subcontractors when bidding out projects, many with whom we have established long-term relationships.  We staff our projects with teams that bring professionalism, integrity, a drive for excellence and keen awareness of the needs of the Owner.


Green building practices have become ubiquitous in the industry. Many of these practices are sound. We are familiar with the latest in green building trends and can offer our knowledge and expertise in this area. We have completed a number of LEED Platinum and Silver projects as well as numerous Greenpoint-rated projects.


In addition to new ground-up construction, L&D has developed expertise in the area of large scale apartment rehabilitations. Since 2007, we have completed rehabilitations of over 1,000 apartment units.

Sunny Meadows, Watsonville | Photo Courtesy of Craig Sherod